How IDENTIDAD TECH PREVENTIC´S solution helps protect people while returning to their everyday life?

Efficient risk management returning to everyday life. It allows people to return to their everyday life in good conditions, taking care of health without neglecting productivity and economic factors, prioritizing the tranquility and security of your business.

1. Initial Survey

Workers will receive a number of questions to identify risk factors.


2. Daily Screening

Daily surveys to track people's health and identify people with symptoms that could lead to a potential COVID-19 case.


3. Customizable forms

The platform allows the customization of the daily screening questions. This permits the survey to be adapted according to specific need.


4. Dashboard and Management Reports

To have an easier understanding of the answers we are able to store, visualize and screen all of the collected data.



Efficient risk management and symptom tracking for people's reincorporation in their everyday life


1. Is it possible to know the health status of my people before they start their everyday activities?

2. Does any of my people has or had any contact with a positive COVID-19 patient?

3. How do I get a fast-medical support to take right decisions regarding the face to face activities of my people?

4. How to ensure compliance of biosafety protocols?

5. While at home, has the physical and mental health of my people been optimal?



Real time information

We have the tools and processes available that you and your company needs to get the information about the health of your people in real time!

We can help you!


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Orchestation of processes and interactions.

Benefits for companies, workers and society.

Tend for a safe return to everyday life with a low number of medical sick leaves and absences.